1 Kilo Trainwreck Kratom Powder – 2.2 pounds

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Ingredients - Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf
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Trainwreck Kratom, one of the best selling items in the kratom world is back! This is a 1-kilogram powder package of the unique blend of 11 different strains – Available in all sizes and quantities

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Weight 37.92 oz

Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf

59 reviews for 1 Kilo Trainwreck Kratom Powder – 2.2 pounds

  1. chadblarsen (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Fast shipping and great price.

  2. Ruddyjotten13 (verified owner)

    I mean you can’t beat the price right? The product itself is of premium-quality I just don’t feel like this particular blend strain suited my needs. I would recommend this site to anybody though I’ve never had an issue with the level of customer service, as well as the shipping! I’m talking fast and on time shipping with the availability to track that sucker wherever it is! I highly recommend this site to anybody that’s looking for a quality product that the prices should be!

  3. Blake (verified owner)

    This stuff is the best I have bought of any kratom. has been the best supplier I have found of any. The best prices, fast shipping, quality product, consistent, solid customer service. Overall the supplier I am going to stick with and this is my strain of choice. Wanted to leave a review for the next person thats considering purchasing. Thanks.

  4. Paul Barrett (verified owner)

    Yokratom is a fantastic supplier. Fast, hassle-free shipping and quality products. I am thankful I have found a great place to get my Kratom. And the prices are very competitive.

  5. Charles Barr

    Trainwreck is good. I recommend it. It’s comparable to red Maeng Da. As advertised.

  6. dontony32 (verified owner)

    Got a kilo of Trainwreck a few weeks ago. since it’s a blend of many strains I would think it would vary over time, but currently it’s my favorite for the morning,

  7. Amber Shock (verified owner)

    This is excellent, just as good if not better than the super expensive kinds! It’s half the price you’d pay anywhere else and it came in the mail so fast! You have a new life long customer, and I’ll be spreading the word to friends and family.

  8. Ennis Broyles (verified owner)

    I love this website! I have just received my second order from Yokratom and it is even more perfect than the last. They ship extremely fast, the kratom is of amazing quality, and the customer service has been superb.

  9. Christopher Edwards (verified owner)

    I have bought a few different strains from YoKratom. Trainwreck is my favorite. Perfect blend of strains. Trainwreck is a great product to get the best out of kratom. Every order has been correct and shipped fast. Customer service is very nice and professional. All in all, a really great company!

  10. tyler mcmillan (verified owner)

    Came earlier than projected delivery time great deal going to save me so much money thank you yokratom think you have acquired a loyal costumer!

  11. Charles (verified owner)

    Just a follow up to an earlier post. I am still buying Yo Kratom, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Placed my last order on Saturday evening and it’s scheduled to arrive today (Wednesday) via USPS. Now that’s HUSTLING to get it out!!

  12. jrdumond (verified owner)

    I used to order my monthly kratom through a different vendor until I saw comments boasting about Yo kratom so I decided to try for myself and see. Well I am SO very happy and grateful I did because I have had nothing but great experiences with them. They really truly do have great quality products I have yet to come across a bag I didn’t like. Plus you can’t beat their prices I was a little bit nervous with the price being low didn’t wanna sacrifice quality for quantity but now that I’ve found y’all I don’t see myself ever going back to the company I was ordering from . Only in emergency when I’m running out or low I have to go to my local smoke shop and pay 60$ for only 120 grams which is outrageous when I can get a kilo for a little bit more but it’s perfect because you guys shippiing is next level fast . So happy I found your guys cause you have a customer for life! I’ve bought various strands but my favorites are the ones are the train reck and the WMD .

  13. Tim

    Yokratom is awesome,,,Great Service also

  14. Joe M (verified owner)

    Great stuff. I was really surprised since I had been purchasing from a different vendor everyday until I received this package. Very pleased with the quality and prices.

  15. Zachary James Carr (verified owner)

    Works well.

  16. crrevers (verified owner)

    Awesome blend

  17. Edward Grieco (verified owner)

    The quality of yokratoms product is highest level I have seen in the market. Powder and capsules are both consistent and the prices can’t be beaten.

  18. LEE OTT (verified owner)

    Very good quality and the best prices at yokratom. Personally I recommend just getting the strains you like for. Still very good!

  19. John Barry (verified owner)

    This is my goto blend now for a better part of a year as I have not found a better blend of flavors yet.

  20. christaw2016 (verified owner)

    I’ve never had an issue with shipping. It’s mainly been 2 day, but once it was 3. It’s fast. Trainwreak is my favorite. It works best for me. I love it. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

  21. Ramon Delgado

    Perfect all the way around!! I will.never go to a smoke shop again.

  22. Robert (verified owner)

    Great company and product.

  23. Chris (verified owner)

    I dumped the other stuff in the woods. Yo Kratom delivers❤️

  24. LaraHansen (verified owner)

    Great kratom. This is a great company. Always quick to respond to issues and they continue to quickly respond and help you figure out how to solve it. They are so polite and respectful to their customers. Fast shipping. Great prices! There should be no other companies out there. They should be running them out of business. This really is an awesome company ALL around.

  25. Christy (verified owner)

    Love yokratom great price fast shipping and the quality of the kratom is one of the best I’ve had

  26. David DiMaggio (verified owner)

    Always our goto for ordering. Have tried many strains and this is our favorite. Gives you a little bit of it all in one.

  27. John Liberati (verified owner)

    I’ve been a customer for about 3 years. I’m a huge fan of Legion of Skanks, which in turn led me to Yokratom. Trainwreck is my strain of choice. Price and quality are top notch. Delivery is always prompt after ordering. Just a very good company all around.


  28. Erik G Plott (verified owner)

    Absolutely hands down the best quality Kratom, at the best price, as well most ethical and honest customer reps and services. Overall a ten out of ten company and I was going to quit purchasing Kratom, before I found this company due to how expensive kilos were costing me.

    I said I would only get back on it if I could find a descent company, I pretty sure I found the best company in the Kratom industry. Just being honest here, I’m very lucky. The shipping is also extremely fast. I am over all pleased with this business. They are excellent. I truly can’t complain. The only thing is one time I opened a package and the Kratom bag was sliced open. However that wasn’t YoKratoms fault but the postal services did it I presume.

    Either way I was super happy to get the awesome produce fresh. I like Train Wreck the best. Thanks Yo Kratom team. You all rock and appreciate all your passionate heart living soul efforts.

    Kindest regards

  29. Topher (verified owner)

    This is the cheapest and best Kratom I have purchased. I tell everyone I know who buys it.

  30. John (verified owner)

    Once again, the most efficient and effective name in the business. Delivery, I’m almost positive I order frequently for myself, is never more than 2 business days. Product has always been quality……… Helps……….. I can’t recommend this enough……..

  31. JM (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I’ve been buying Yokratom for a few years now. Trainwreck is definitely my favorite

  32. DB (verified owner)

    Great quality as always – shipping as solid as stone and free mini bags with online check. No need to go anywhere else.

  33. smokymountainsoul (verified owner)

    I love this kratom, it’s the only kind I’ve used since 2018! Can’t get any better!

  34. Brigitte (verified owner)

    Awesome quality, can’t beat the price.
    Been using this vendor for a few years and never had an issue.

  35. Jen (verified owner)

    Train wreck is my all time favorite and shopping is so fast.

  36. Shawn (verified owner)

    Phenomenal quality. Great prices. Fast shipping. Awesome customer service. All around a 5 star company.

  37. Josh (verified owner)

    I was using a different vendor then my brother told me about yokratom. I told him I’d check it out. That was close to a year ago and this is my go to vendor. The Trainwreck for sure is top notch, I always get my order so fast, it surprises me, and customer service is next to none. Would recommend this vendor and this product to anyone.

  38. justin levulis (verified owner)

    YoKratom can’t be beat!!! If you shop anywhere else You may need a lobotomy!!!

  39. Dan Smith (verified owner)

    I sware by this stuff! Excellent quality, great pricing, and good service! ……… Thank you!

  40. Peter (verified owner)

    This kratom quality is top level. They are extremely fast with shipping and they have the best price point around. Honestly they can’t be beat. Thank you Yokratom! You guys are legit ! We love you!

  41. Robert Pirozzi (verified owner)

    Product always ships and arrives very quickly. I love Trainwreck and have referred people to this site…..

  42. Dylan (verified owner)

    Best kratom I’ve ever had.

  43. Gary McDaniel (verified owner)

    YoKratom works as well as anything else I’ve tried. The price and service sets them apart.

  44. Chad69000 (verified owner)

    Great blend and a great company!

  45. Heather Saunders (verified owner)

    Awesome product, and great company 😊

  46. Heather Saunders (verified owner)

    Awesome product, and great company 😊

  47. Jubbs (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains. Always great prices and great quality

  48. Honieraye49 (verified owner)

    WIOW! Just… WOW! I have been buying Kratom since 2016….. I had a couple of vendors that I buy from regularly. I happen to see a sale from this company during the holidays, and I thought to myself, no freaking way! And I was reluctant to buy it, but I started reading the reviews, and talking to a couple of representatives who were able to help me, I thought to myself, let me give this a try before the holiday sale is off. I’m so glad I did. Excellent product! You want a product is so good, that sell or not you will be stocked with it. I bought 2 kilos for the holiday sale. Great folks, great product, And to even sweeten the pot, it only takes very little to get the job done. I was very impressed. ……… Also this is the first ” Trainwreck “ blend I know of to have 11 blends! The others I’ve come across only had about three. So to have 11 blends all together is awesome. Also, it was so Gracious of them to send a free sample with the order. Thank you to the commenters to as well for helping me make my decision. Everyone be well. I am truly honored to be a new member of the Yo Kratom family.

    Happy New Year.

  49. Jessica DuMond (verified owner)

    I stumbled upon yo kratom and I’m so happy I did because it was such a huge blessing. . I have found this is the best vendor out there. Best bang for your buck especially the quality is amazing. Been using them for a couple years now and I’m never going back me personally I order 2 kg for the month and I’m set with that so happy I found you guys because I was wasting so much money at local smoke shops where I would not get nearly as much and was paying triple the price for a traction of the amount of powder you guys are such a blessing even dealing with Customer Service is all an easy great experience they get back to you if you have inquiries in a timely manner, and I am overall so impressed with this company. Love you guys

  50. Zachary Tyler Lodge (verified owner)

    Thank you again YK! Product is always consistent & on time via Priority Mail. Usually I receive it the very next day after I order! Ive been with YK for quite a while, and I am very satisfied with their product here!!! I will be using them as my primary supplier!

  51. T-Time (verified owner)

    Great kratom at a great price! Real ass dudes!

  52. Chris (verified owner)

    My favorite
    Daily dose
    Good price
    Fast shipping

  53. Rob (verified owner)

    Great price. This is my favorite blend, as well. It alsoarrives very quickly.

  54. Joe Biggs (verified owner)

    By far the BEST kratom I’ve ever had. You will not be disappointed. Shipping was quick as well. ~3 days.

  55. LowPlainsGrifter (verified owner)

    Fine and best bang
    for the buck out there.
    Fast service is another
    strong point for this co.

  56. justin levulis (verified owner)

    All around a great experience! from the easy ordering to the superfast shipping and awesome quality product! You would be silly to order Kratom anywhere else! Thanks to the Legion of Skanks for showing me this gem!!!!

  57. Brad Johnson (verified owner)

    I have tried tons of different kratom from different sites and local stores and this is, BY FAR, my favorite strain.

    Thanks Legion of Skanks!

  58. Robert Pirozzi (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price, selection, quality and delivery time. Easy to track and delivered within a few days. I have a local store that sells it for $22/5 oz.!

  59. Rob (verified owner)

    As always, the product was delivered within a few days. Quality as good as ever and can’t beat the price!

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